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Minor Dedications

A collection of poetry and lyrics from Montreal singer and song writer J.F. Robitaille.

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"Robitaille can evoke Lou Reed with his detachment and Leonard Cohen with his dark lyricism"

— Montreal Gazette


JF Robitaille takes England

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Amplifying Creative Voices

We publish integrative poetry and fiction from the margin to the mainstream. While we specialize in writing that combines multiple media, we encourage any work that makes sparks fly. We believe books are experiential objects and strive to create for beautifully crafted editions that ignite the senses.

Sparks Ink is launched with our first collaborative venture, J.F. Robitaille’s. Minor Dedications. The collection of poems, lyrics, photography and music exemplifies our mission. 

Making of...

Take a stroll through Coach House Press, the beautifully unique location where the binding of Minor Dedications took place.

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Join the Party!

Come celebrate the launch of Minor Dedications and Palace Blues with us in Toronto and Montreal!

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When Sparks Fly

Sparks Ink is the new literary arm of Sparks Productions which began in 1991. For the past 25 years, Sparks Productions has created high end television, print and digital advertising. Since we love working with musicians and photographers we have a particularly close affiliation to Sparks Music (run by Larry Macrae, formerly of BMG Music and Andy Crosbie formerly of Ready Records) and Sparks Photographers (run by Pamela Hamilton).  While we are all distinct, we’re definitely part of the same creative family.